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Welcome to the GHF Community Campaigning Platform.

In 15 minutes, we hope to bring you up to speed on what we do, why its necessary and how we do it. At the end hopefully you will want to be a part of helping to promote, protect and develop the global Hindu voice into an effective agent of Dharmic evolution.

Here's an example of one of our key ongoing campaigns "Educating British Parliamentarians on their HinduOdium". 

Please watch the video and if it strikes a chord, apply for membership, even the free membership, and help us to support us.


Please join below:

We are a membership supported platform, with memberships ranging from free to Gold with different levels of access, benefits and resources. When you register, you will be granted "free membership" status which will let you support campaigns and receive updates and newsletters etc.  If you are ready to get more involved or support us immediately, please select the level of membership you are comfortable with and get in touch with us as soon as possible. Its not about fees, its about connecting and even our free membership members support us in many amazing ways. Of course if you can afford a little bit more, we will make powerful use of every pound in the service of Dharma.

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