10, 000 Hindus "invite" the Archbishop of Canterbury to issue an apology for "cultural genocide and spiritual arrogance".

The list of colonial atrocites inflicted upon India by Anglicans during the time of British Occupied Bharat (B.O.B.) continues to grow as India recovers and uncovers the concealed history of the "Raj", a history of genocides and cultural vandalism, wreaked upon India, by Anglicans. Archbishop Justin Welby, head of the Anglican Church is visiting India and there are concerns that his mission is evangelical and conversion oriented - GHF invited the Church of England to apologise and voiced these concerns to PGurus channel - 

We wrote the following letter to the Archbishop and we did receive an acknowledgment of the letter but so far, no response:-

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The actual apology referred to in this video is available below ... what do you think?

The text of the Apology of the 11th July 2019 is available here but key elements of the text are:-

In the Apology to survivors of the Residential Schools delivered on August 6, 1993, Archbishop Michael Peers expressed his remorse on behalf of the Anglican Church of Canada that “we tried to remake you in our own image”.

Today, I offer this apology for our cultural and spiritual arrogance toward all Indigenous Peoples – First Nations, Inuit and Métis – and the harm we inflicted on you. I do this at the desire of many across the Church, at the call of the Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples, and at the request and with the authority of the Council of the General Synod.

I confess our sin in demonizing Indigenous spiritualities, and in belittling the traditional teachings of your Grandmothers and Grandfathers preserved and passed on through the elders.

I confess the sin of our arrogance in dismissing Indigenous Spiritualities and disciplines as incompatible with the Gospel of Jesus, and insisting that there is no place for them in Christian Worship.

I confess our sin in acts such as smothering the smudges, forbidding the pipes, stopping the drums, hiding the masks, destroying the totem poles, silencing the songs, stilling the dances, and banning the potlatches. With deep remorse, I acknowledge the intergenerational spiritual harm caused by our actions.

I confess our sin in robbing your children and youth of the opportunity to know their spiritual ancestry and the great wealth of its wisdom and guidance for living in a good way with the Creator, the land and all peoples.

For such shameful behaviours, I am very sorry. We were so full of our own self-importance.

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